Thigh Antiperspirant – Carpe No Sweat for Men and Women


Fast-drying shield against sweat and chafing!

  • Dermatologist Recommended
  • Effective, Non-Irritating & Residue-Free
  • Contains Chafe-Preventing Moisturizers
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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION of Carpe Thigh Antiperspirant

Sweat stains on your underarms are one thing – sweat stains on your pants are a whole different ballgame. Whether you’re in jeans, leggings, or a short skirt, inner thigh sweat (from the knees all the way up) can make you feel dirty, gross, and sticky – and when your thighs literally stick to your car seat, that’s no exaggeration. Just as bad, the chafing caused by the friction of sweaty thighs can be painful, annoying, and a vicious cycle of frustration. After dozens of requests from customers, friends, and colleagues, we began to work on a solution. We started prototyping alongside a team of formulators with decades of beauty and healing skincare experience, consulting dermatologists as we went. Once we thought we’d nailed the feeling and performance, we began to test with the broadest group of sweaty women we could find (some Carpe team members included!) – and after round upon round of revisions, we were finally ready to launch Carpe Thigh Antiperspirant – Carpe No-Sweat Thigh Lotion.

Carpe No-Sweat Thigh was designed with two primary goals in mind: Sweat absorption, and chafing prevention. It doesn’t contain an active pharmacological ingredient, so it’s not an antiperspirant. Rather, No-Sweat Thigh is loaded with moisture-absorbing starches and powders that work hard to keep you dry, while hiding under minimal residue. Witch hazel extracts help with the drying, while vitamin B3 and the refreshing gel of the aloe barbadensis cactus soothe and moisturize, helping provide a smooth surface to act as a shield against chafing.

When you first apply Carpe No-Sweat Thigh, you’ll feel a cool, refreshing smoothness, that quickly becomes a reassuring sweat shield – leaving no residue on your hands, thighs, or most importantly, pants. A gentle scent of Pamplemousse is present at application but quickly fades, leaving nothing but the feeling of a confident, dry inner thigh.

PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONCarpe No-Sweat Thigh isn’t an antiperspirant – it’s a refreshing lotion loaded with sweat-absorbing powders and chafe-preventing moisturizers. For best use, apply every morning to clean and dry inner thighs.



Ensure you have clean and dry inner thighs prior to application in the morning

Squeeze a quarter-sized amount onto your palms

Rub the lotion into areas affected by sweat and chafing

Face your day with confidence!

No need to apply before bed – No-Sweat Thigh is a morning product


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