Breast Antiperspirant – Carpe No Sweat Breast


Quick-drying lotion reduces chafe and irritation.

  • Dermatologist Recommended
  • Quick-Drying & Non-Greasy
  • Effective, Non-Irritating & Residue-Free
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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION of Carpe No-Sweat Breast

Before Carpe Breast Antiperspirant – whether you have double A’s or double D’s, every woman knows the discomfort and embarrassment of those beads of sweat dripping down the area between her breasts. Whether it’s sweater weather or a triple-digit temperature, a fitted bra is often a necessity, making boob sweat more than a seasonal occurrence. Not only does the dreaded boob sweat make you feel wet, sticky, and embarrassed, but this occlusion of the breasts can prevent the sweat from evaporating off the surface of the skin, which may cause a whole other slew of problems. It’s unsanitary, harboring multiplying bacteria that can lead to odor, rashes, and further discomfort.

Recognizing the scope of the problem, we began experimenting in search of a solution. We worked with some of the best and most experienced skincare formulators, with dermatologists, and with a team of sweaty women desperate for a solution (Carpe founders David and Kasper understandably deferred the testing to the many women on the Carpe team). After rounds of testing, we found the formula we now call Carpe Breast Lotion.

Carpe Breast Lotion is free of any pharmacologically active ingredients, so it’s not an antiperspirant. Instead, this quick-drying, smooth finish lotion is composed of special powders to absorb the sweat and moisture, complemented with invigorating scents and skin protection to keep you feeling fresh, clean, and of course, dry.

When you first apply Carpe Breast Lotion (in the morning, every morning, on a dry chest), you may feel something akin to a fresh, cool breeze. With calming extracts of rosemary, sunflower, rice, and apple, don’t be tempted to lather the whole tube: A half-pinky-length amount should be enough for a single application. As you notice the gentle, clean scent, Carpe’s unique blend of powders (along with a touch of witch hazel and vitamin B3) will be at work helping you look and feel dry when it matters most.
Carpe Breast is not an antiperspirant, but rather a lotion loaded with sweat-absorbing powders. For best use, apply every morning to clean and dry breasts, and throughout the day as needed. Don’t forget the area between and above the breasts when applying – sweat often forms here and accumulates under the breasts.



Start with clean, dry skin

Squeeze out a quarter-sized amount onto your palms

Apply liberally under and between breasts

No need to apply before bed – No-Sweat Breast is a morning product

Available in Lazada and Shopee


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