Face Antiperspirant – Carpe No Sweat Face for Men and Women


Pore-minimizing, sweat-absorbing shine stopper for face & forehead.

  • Dermatologist Recommended
  • Effective, Non-Irritating & Residue-Free
  • Activated by Sweat Absorbing Powders
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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Carpe Face Antiperspirant – No Sweat Face

Whether it’s caused by the summer heat, spicy food, or a bit of nerves, a sweaty face is never pleasant: And so, after years of working on sweat solutions for the hands, feet, and underarms, Carpe founders David and Kasper set their sights on tackling the problem of a sweaty face. Many months and dozens of prototypes later, we finally arrived at something wonderful. We worked tirelessly with some of the most experienced skin care formulators in the industry; with dermatologists; with countless everyday sufferers of excessive sweating, and with our own sweaty faces. And once every single one of these folks agreed that “this is the stuff”, we launched the product before you today: Face Antiperspirant – Carpe No-Sweat Face.

Carpe No-Sweat Face is not an antiperspirant – it doesn’t contain any pharmacologically active ingredients – rather, it’s founded on a unique blend of sweat- and oil-absorbing molecules, which, taken together, provide a wonderfully dry look and feel on each of the sweaty faces we worked with to create this formula.


The first application of Carpe No-Sweat Face is a surprising experience. You’ll want to do this first thing in the morning, after washing and drying your face – if you have any other powders or makeup that you use, wait to apply these until you’ve put on the Carpe. Squeeze a rich drop of Carpe onto your fingers (similar in amount to a single toothbrush’s worth of toothpaste) – rub it into your forehead, cheeks, nose, and any other areas on your face where you want to minimize sweat and shine. You’ll feel the cool rush of the gelled toner – which is free from oils (after all, we’re trying to eliminate the sweat and shine!) and gently hydrates your skin with jojoba esters. The hydrating base is joined by silica microspheres, which form the primary component of the sweat shield, along with a touch of witch hazel. Aloe vera, colloidal oatmeal, and extracts from the sunflower, rice, and rosemary plants round out the experience – which will leave you feeling fresh, clean, and most of all, dry.


Also available in Lazada and Shopee


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