Groin Antiperspirant – Carpe No-Sweat Groin for Men and Women


Regain your confidence using a men’s groin powder designed with sweat in mind!

  • No-Sweat Groin
  • Dermatologist Recommended
  • Friction-Free Powder
  • Effective, Non-Irritating & Residue-Free Ingredients



There’s hardly a guy out there who isn’t familiar with the annoying, embarrassing feeling of a sweaty groin – that wet, sticky, clingy mess. For David and Kasper, the founders of Carpe, it was certainly a personal problem. And so, after perfecting our sweat solutions for the hands, feet, and underarms, we turned to the humble lower parts. We tried every powder out there – some were good, some were bad, but each of them left a mess, and was far more focused on chafing than on reducing the moisture caused by sweat. We resolved that we could check all these boxes – a clean application, a shield against chafing, and most of all, a sweat absorbing super powder – with one excellent product – Carpe Groin Antiperspirant

So we began to experiment from the ground up. After searching far and wide, we adopted an applicator that was uniquely suited to the problem of groin sweat – with a swiveling nozzle that delivers precise doses of powder just where they’re needed, we were able to get deep into the darkest, sweatiest folds, and avoid the mess that dumping a handful of powder down there used to cause.

But a perfect applicator is useless without a perfect formula – so we worked with some of the best skincare formulators in the industry, and started trying prototype after prototype in our unique applicator. When we liked what we had, we started sending out dozens of these prototypes to the sweatiest men we could find – and soon, the raving reviews started coming in. When everybody agreed we’d found the right solution, we decided we were ready for launch: The result is Carpe Groin Antiperspirant.

When you first apply Carpe, we think you’ll feel amazed: The patented applicator gently dusts your target areas with a unique blend of sweat- and moisture-absorbing powders, made from corn, tapioca, and minerals like kaolin. When the powder hits your skin, the sensation is unlike anything else, with a slap of cooling menthol joined by the fresh tingle of marigold, rosemary, sage, and aloe vera extracts. And of course, it’s completely talc-free. The result is a feeling that’s fresh, clean, and most importantly, dry.


Carpe Groin is a high-strength groin powder. Apply it every morning to a clean and dry groin area, using the patented pump and nozzle to spray the powder exactly where you need it, without making a mess. Re-apply as needed throughout the day.

STEP 1 Articulate the nozzle as needed.

STEP 2 While keeping the pump upright, press down firmly.

STEP 3 Apply where needed and enjoy the sensation Pump firmly all the way down for a proper puff of powder!

Available also in Lazada and Shopee.


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