The Classic Premium Computer Anti-blue Light Glasses


  • Bestselling product from PSL Health Products
  • PSL Computer Glasses Premium Line
  • Technologically-advanced lens thatis virtually clear. NO VISIBLE TINT in front of the computer.
  • The highest level of filtration of blue light – incomparable even to popular brands on opticalshops.
  • Lens are Hard Multi-Coated (Anti-reflection, Scratch-resistant).
  • Anti Blue Light, Anti Radiation Computer Glasses
  • Metal Core for a more durable frame and Spring Hinge for a more flexible temple legs
  • Incomparable to cheap (and fragile) computer glasses sold in the market today
  • For long-term use with years tested durability by customers
  • Highly effective in lessening eye fatigue and eye strain from too much computer and gadget use
  • Proven testimonials by real (and loyal) customers for years on effectivity and durability
  • Prevents CVS* (Computer Vision Syndrome)
  • Blocks blue-light emitted by computer screens, gadgets and energy-efficient light bulbs and not just radiation
  • Protects the eyes from the sun with its UV 400 protection (acts as sun protection as well)
  • Hundreds of customer verified testimonials from customers not just in the Philippines but from foreign customers from different countries around the world.
  • Luxury quality at an affordable price
  • Fast Delivery (Supplier office in QC and not abroad)
  • FREE Premium Leather Case
  • FREE Premium Microfiber Cloth


The Classic Premium Computer Glasses with Anti-blue light, Anti-fatigue and Anti-radiation glasses for men and women with Clear Lens, Metal Core Technology, Spring Hinges and Premium Leather Case and Premium Microfiber Cloth for Gamers and Computer Users

PSL Computer Glasses do the following:

> Prevents CVS* (Computer Vision Syndrome)
> Blocks blue-light* emitted by computer screens, gadgets, and energy-efficient light bulbs and radiation
> Protects the eyes from the sun with its UV protection

Computer Vision Syndrome -an eye sickness resulting from staring too long on electronic screens, causes headaches, stress, exhaustion, blurred vision, and chronic eye problems. Computers also emit radiation that could permanently hurt the eyes due to too much exposure.

Blue light- A disruptive wavelength that’s emitted by computers, gadgets and light bulb that stops the secretion of melatonin, a hormone that influences circadian rhythms or one’s biological clock. This, in turn, causes serious health problems.


> Anti-Blue Light
> Anti-Radiation
> Sun Protection
> More productivity
> Less everyday eye-strain
> Prevents health-related risks
> Fashionable design


Protect Computer Glasses have the highest quality in its production and design. These are incomparable to cheap glasses in the market because of the materials used for the frames, lens(scratch resistant, anti-smudge hard multi coated lens and not just simple tinted glasses that is seen on the market today) and hinges(high quality and durable).


1. Does this have a grade?

Answer: No, our glasses have Plano lens (no grade lens).

2. What makes this different from the other cheap computer glasses sold in the market?

Answer: Durability-tested, effectivity-tested and stress-tested by our customers for years now. Our glasses have stood the test of time. If you prefer something disposable, this is not for you.

3. What is the size?

Answer: Size is standard adult Asian size. We have the best fit in the market due to a well-curated list of frame designs that properly fit any face size due to the flexibility of the frame and a great nose bridge support. For kids or ladies with asmall face, we would recommend The Brave Computer Glasses.

4. Does this come with a case?

Answer: This comes with a special microfiber cloth pouch for cleaning and premium leather case for safekeeping.

5. What’s the difference between PSL Computer Glasses designs?

Answer: PSL Computer Glasses have 3 variants – the Premium line (2 designs)and Regular line (7 designs), the Ultra Photochromic line (9 designs)

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 10 × 5 × 5 cm

PSL Regular Anti-blue Light Lens (Slight Yellow Tint), Ultra Premium Photochromic Anti-blue light lens – transitions to gray under direct sunlight


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