Onyx Boox Note3 10.3 inches E-ink e-reader and e-notebook


The new and improved  Onyx Boox Note3 offers the most advanced e-ink tablet writing and reading in Android 10.

  • Offers Real Hand-Writing Feel
    The Mobius flexible screen with AG glass flat cover-lens render the pen-to-paper writing feeling and glare-free view.
  • Display Any Content Effortlessly
    Front-lit large display with 1872×1404 resolution and 227 dpi can show small-to-large-format content sharply in any light.
  • Large But Light Weight
    A 10.3-inch E Ink tablet that weighs only 375g replaces thousands of books while adding a neglectable burden to your bag pack.
  • Responsive and Smart
    Upgraded octa-core processor, 4GB LPDDR4X RAM and 64GB UFS2.1 ROM, BT5.0 together with Android 10 offer you a snappy, open system.
  • Fingerprint Scanner
    You can tap on the back navigation button to simply unlock your device, books, and notes.
  • OTG Support
    SD cards, keyboards, mice, and other extended tools can be attached to your device with no driver needed.
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Note3 vs. Note2

Upgraded hardware and software bring a better user experience to the 10.3-inch Note3.

Process Tasks Quicker

The upgraded octa-core processor can power Note3 with a 30% faster speed, offering you a snappy experience even when you’re multitasking.

Save More Power, Charge Fast

The 4300mAh battery is 10% more power-efficient thanks to the improved solutions of storage and memory. You can fully charge Note3 in a few hours with QC4.0.

Transfer Data Faster

Ample storage of 4GB LPDDR4X RAM + 64GB UFS2.1 ROM can offer multiple-time faster data transfer speed to improve efficiency.

More Compatible

Android 10 makes Note3 more compatible with third-party apps. You can even split the screen to run two apps at the same time.

An A5-Size Device For Effective Multitasking

Powerful Toolkit Creates Optimal Reading Experience

Jot Down Whenever Inspiration Strikes

BOOX Note3 webpage04-1

Digest Content Better with More Tools

Besides taking hand-written notes, you can use more features to improve your reading efficiency.

BOOX Note3 webpage05-1

Maximum Convenience and Security for Your Notes

Double Your Efficiency with the Split-Screen Mode

The system-wide split-screen enables you to run two apps simultaneously.
Besides reading while taking notes, now you can do more things at once.

Do More with A Versatile E Ink Tablet

With the up-to-date firmware, you can screencast Note3 to Windows 10 computers, customize gestures to switch apps quickly, and browse the internet smoothly with NeoBrowser.


Onyx Boox Note Air vs Note3 vs Note2


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